• glass_vase

    DIY Glass Vase Using Crushed Ice Rock

    This week has been all about home decor. I have been on a mission to create the illusion of minimalism amongst all my fabric and sewing tools all over the dinning room. Chris occasionally mentions how he can’t get around or how he’d like for there to not be multiple piles of fabric on top of the bookshelf or how he looks forward to me having my own office so he doesn’t have to see my crazy fabric stash, lol. Subtle not subtle right, hehe. I’m not going to lie that area was driving me crazy too. It seemed that no matter how often I cleared it off. It would…

  • DIY

    DIY Socks: The Dos and Don’ts to Save you Time

    I had this ingenious idea to buy a bulk of yarn and make berets using a Loom knitter. Fast forward to 3 years later and I have barely made a dent in my stash. I plan to change that this year. Although my stash looks pretty in its little cubby hole, I would love to have some more storage to get my fabric out of my Joann bag on the floor that has been there for months. I figured now would be the perfect time to start making these since we don’t have a long winter here in Arizona. I would like to get some wear out of them. I’m…

  • Marble Tile feature image

    DIY Marble Pattern Weights

    I have a habit of going to bed with my phone in my hand and falling asleep to the wonderful world of Pinterest. Ironically enough when it first came out I didn’t get. I thought, “Why would anyone just copy images of things they wanted to but would probably never do to a virtual vision board that could be easily turned off?” It wasn’t until my psychologist told me, I needed to find an outlet that I truly discovered all that Pinterest had to offer. For me, I definitely didn’t just view the images, I began to make crafts or style my outfits from the inspiration I had seen, which leads…