Celebrating My Anniversary in Style with Simplicity 8739

Hi Introverts! I`m trying something new. I know a lot of you follow me because you are also an introvert. Social media and blogs allow us to express ourselves without the pressure to continue to entertain or speak up in a large crowd, usually five or more people, lol.

If you are on Instagram, then you know that I announced my very first sewing challenge. So excited! (If you watched Kevin Hart`s Irresponsible comedy show on Netflix you get the reference). I have wanted to work with faux fur for a long time, but was too scared to try it. Well November was the perfect month to experiement because it is starting to get cooler in the mornings and and evenings here.

My husband and I decided to go on a hot air balloon ride for our Anniversary because it has been a rough year and we deserved to celebrate each other. We had to get up super early in the morning… 4 am. Due to the time of day, I knew I needed something warm to wear, which is why I made the turtleneck top. I’ll discuss the details of the top in my review below. 

Now, the hot air balloon ride was so much fun. A lot of people who saw the images on Instagram were like “I could never do that”, but honestly it was such a breeze. You just feel the balloon slowly lift you off the ground and next thing you know you’re in the air. 


It felt similiar to parasailing. You float up so quickly and then the next thing you know you’re touching the clouds. It was so nice to see the city from so high up. It was extremely peaceful. The only thing that was a little rough was the landing because you bounce on the ground a few times before you stop.

We got caught on a rock once and we felt like we were going to topple over, but the pilot knew what he was doing and kept us up right. He was certified with AZ Hot Air Balloon Safari and has been lifting people off the ground for over 25 years. His team was amazing. I highly recommend it. 

Now on to the top I made. I knew I wanted to be comfy, but cute for our trip to the clouds and what would be any better than a ivory colored cozy turtleneck with jeans and rider boots. Of course, my husband and I were “over dressed”, but we didn’t care. We were just being the Hornes.

Here’s my review of the pattern and what I used:

Pattern Description: Misses’ Poncho and Knit Pullover

(Click here to find Simplicity 8739)

Pattern Sizing: I cut out a large.

View: A and B buttons

Fabric Choice: Minky Fleece

Other choices for fabric include Fleece, Sweater Knit.

Color: Ivory

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing it? Yes, it was exactly what I pictured.

Are the instructions easy to follow? Definitely! I was able to follow them without a problem.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I didn’t dislike anything. It was nice and big and comfy.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

  1. I added buttons to the top of View A. I thought view B would be too long for my body type, but I felt it needed buttons for a little pizazz.
  2. I took 2 inches off both sleeves because they were too long.

Would you sew it again? Yes! I may try it in a sweater knit and make it a little smaller so that I can wear it with a pencil skirt.

How long did it take? 3 hours to cut the fabric with a straight racer. It was a lot of work just to cut it. Sewing it only took me 2 hours.

Until next time…

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