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DIY Marble Pattern Weights

I have a habit of going to bed with my phone in my hand and falling asleep to the wonderful world of Pinterest. Ironically enough when it first came out I didn’t get. I thought, “Why would anyone just copy images of things they wanted to but would probably never do to a virtual vision board that could be easily turned off?” It wasn’t until my psychologist told me, I needed to find an outlet that I truly discovered all that Pinterest had to offer. For me, I definitely didn’t just view the images, I began to make crafts or style my outfits from the inspiration I had seen, which leads me to today’s post.

I love to sew and often get frustrated when I am too exhausted from work to even look at my sewing machine, patterns or fabric that has piled up in the living chair. (ugh) This past weekend I was determined to start to get organized and so I turned to Pinterest and found this post by Laura Hooper Calligraphy that I had to try.

She walks you through how to write on marble tiles. And I thought… hmm, I am tired of using washers to try and hold down my pattern pieces as I cut my fabric and have been obsessed with marble lately. So I told my husband what I always say when I find something I like on Pinterest. “I can make that!”

Here’s what I used for my version of the Marble Coasters/Pattern Weights:

The first step is to pull the tile off the of mesh sheet that it comes on. My advice would be to do this on a sturdy COVERED table to avoid scratching yours.

After you have removed the tiles use an old Tupperware container and put hot (not scolding) water in it and lightly set your tiles in it. Walk away for about 15 – 20 minutes and find something to clean or fix in the house (this is for all my busybodies out there with little time for anything). This will be a way to multi-task.

After you return, any remaining glue should be soft enough for you to rub off with your fingers. Be patient on this step, as there will seem like there are a lot more tile pieces than there are. (Sorry no images of this step. I’ll work on that for next time).

After you have gotten the residue off the tiles place them on a paper towel and let them dry. They actually dry pretty quickly.

Once they are dry you are ready to begin. Grab that first piece of tile, your pencil, and stencil set and trace the letters you want onto your marble tile or you can freehand it if you like. After that is done you are going to go over it again with your paint marker.

Make sure to test this out on a scrap piece of paper before you start to avoid any messy designs. I would push down on the pen a couple of times to get the paint to come out. This way you avoid a glob of paint. After you are done with your design let it sit and don’t think about it. My design took less than 5 minutes to dry completely, which is why I LOVE that marker.

You can spray the top with the fixative spray if you like. This will provide extra security against possible smudges, but I have not had an issue by not using it.

So there you have it. A cute little tool to help you with your sewing that won’t make you feel like an old lady sewing with her little pin cushion. Plus, you can avoid putting holes in your fabric this way or the washers sliding around if you lift the sewing pattern piece a little too high. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Here are a few more designs that I created:

Marble Tile Layout

Thanks for reading my quick tutorial.

Until next time…

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