Get the Tunic Trend Without Wasting Your Time

I had to write a post helping you get the tunic trend without wasting your time because I did the research and the options are endless and yet so dated. Being in the hospital and then a month later sick with COVID I had a lot of time on my hands so I caught up on emails. I will save the details of that ordeal for another post. After reading WhoWhatWear.com’s article about tunics being in style this fall I went searching on some of my favorite sites that keep up with trends like Shopstylecollective.com. I love an oversized top that I can wear with jeans because sometimes your legs get cold or you didn’t shave that day. Am I right ladies?

The hope with my search was that maybe the powers that be would find a way to revive this style and modernize it. I was let down big time. Most of the common ones that I saw were scoop necks that my grandmother wouldn’t even wear. Love you, grandma! They’re maxi dresses instead of tops with slits on the side or not even slits. Then I came across this one in the collage below. I personally wouldn’t pair it with a skirt as shown because if you have more curves in the lower half of your body it adds more weight to that area. The jeans are it for me.

a blonde woman with a tunic turtle neck. Two images of black and light blue jeans. A moschino backpack in burgundy and high heel booties in black and grey. Get the Tunic Trend Without Wasting Your Time

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How to Get the Tunic Trend Without Wasting Your Time

Growing up in the windy city especially this time of year and going into the winter months you had to cover up those legs. When the wind hit you the chill could be felt down to your bones so I think it’s ingrained in me to layer up with jeans to keep warm. Now imagine this turtleneck with the jeans and boots and if you really want to get snazzy add a fedora. Oooo baby that would be sharp. You all know it takes me a while to sew so I thought I would start offering tips because I never want to leave you guys hanging. Let’s get started.

  • Pick the sewing pattern Simplicity 8790 because it is already designed to be long with raglan sleeves like in the shirt design above so adding extra length is easy. Plus you only need to make minor adjustsments to complete this look (I told you I would save you some time).
Simplicity 8790 sewing pattern layout, Get the Tunic Trend Without Wasting Your Time
  • After close examination I determine a fabric alternative could be sweater knit so check your fabric stash or check out one of my favorite stores Fabric.com. Here are some colors that I think it would look great just in time for Thanksgiving.
  • Now let’s get to the fun part transforming the top.
  • Before you cut anything out take your bust, waist, hip and waist to below the knee measurements.
  • Pick view C and nix the following three items
    • The pocket
    • The hoodie
    • And the curved hem

I’ll explain how to do the last two below. The pocket piece you just don’t have to cut out.

Simplicity 8790 pattern views

Additional Items You Will Need

  • Yard stick
  • Tracing wheel
  • Pencil for tracing and tailors chalk for marking fabric
  • Two pairs of Scissors or rotary cutters for paper and fabric
  • Gauge ruler
  • Large enough space to cut out fabric and pattern pieces
  • Sewing machine needle 75/11 HS
  • Walking foot
  • Sewing machine (obviously, lol)
  • Wonderclips or sewing pins
  • Good quality polyester thread the same color as your fabric

Steps to Create a Front & Back Seam

work it tunic by free people
  1. Determine which size works best for you based on your bust measurement. Do not go off the finished garment measurement.
  2. Look for the front piece.
  3. Trace the pattern. I suggest using this roll of tracing paper because it’s easy to see through and wide enough for large pattern pieces. Don’t forget to mark all the notches and any other markings, except the pocket markings.
  4. Now take the front and fold it in half.
  5. Open the piece up and cut down the middle. You should have a perfect line down the middle.
  6. Retrace the pattern pieces and all the markings including the waistline and hipline. Save the one you just cut because you can use it in the future.
  7. Before you cut out the newly retraced pieces add 5/8″ seam allowance to the middle of the front on both the left and right sides of the pattern piece.
  8. Find where the waistline is. Use your ruler to continue the seam allowance line down to the length of your “waist to below the knee” measurement from earlier.
  9. Then, measure from the “waist down to the below the knee” on the side seams of the pattern pieces and mark where that ends.
  10. From where the hem ends on the pattern piece draw a line down to the marking. This way you are creating length and not changing your hip measurement.
  11. Finally, mark where your hip line is on the center front pieces. This will be where the top opens in the front.

Turning Your Curved Hem into a Straight Hem

  1. Now that you have the length you want draw a line from the side seam to the front seam with your ruler.
  2. Right below that line measure down another 1’1/4″. This will be your new hem.
  3. Draw a line across again from this new length and connect the lines between the hem and the “waist to below the knee” length. This new line will be your new cutting line.
  4. Now just repeat steps 1-9 and 1-3 in the steps above for the back piece.

*Cut out your pattern pieces and fabric transferring all markings using tailor’s chalk from your pattern to the fabric.

Creating Your Own Turtleneck

These tips will help save you money so you can get the tunic trend without wasting your time for sure.

  1. Stitch the center seams of the front pieces together with right sides facing each other stopping at the marking you made for the hip line. Press the seam open. Press the seam under on both the right and left center front from where you stopped. It should be 5/8″ inches. And then turn the raw edge into the pressed edge. Pin in place and stitch close to the fold start one side then cross to the other about 3/8″ above where you stopped the center stitch. d Then press to melt the seams into place.
  2. Stitch the back piece together at the center all the way down to the hem.
  3. Follow the pattern instructions on how to sew the front and back pieces to the sleeves.
  4. After that is complete measure around the neckline. And jot down that number.
  5. Try on the garment and measure from the neckline to the height you want the turtleneck to fall.
  6. Double that measurement so that the turtleneck can roll over.
  7. Head back to your tracing paper and draw a line that is the length of the neckline around.
  8. At the end of both lines add another 5/8″ seam allowance.
  9. Add the turtleneck width to both sides of the line. It should form two 90 degree angles.
  10. Complete the rectangle by collecting all the lines.
  11. Pick one side at the bottom of the turtleneck that will connect to the neckline of the garment.
  12. On the side you chose add 5/8″ seam allowance and close the ends from the old line to this one and you have a new cutting line. (I would advise adding a notch to the center of that line so that it lines up perfectly wiuth the front when you sew it.)
  13. After you cut out the fabric and have made your notch in the center, fold the piece together lengthwise with right sides together and stitch.
  14. Align the center front seam with the notch on the turtleneck and pin in place. Right sides should be facing each other.
  15. Align the back seams of the turtleneck and back seams of the back pattern piece and pin in place.
  16. Pin the pieces together all around the neckline and then stitch in place using 5/8″ seam allowance.
  17. Now you can turn the turtleneck over the top and leave the end unfinished. (Sweater knit doesn’t need to be hemmed because it won’t unravel)

Last Steps

  1. Finally, hem the sleeves following the pattern instructions.
  2. Turn the hem under 1 1/4″ and press up.
  3. Turn the raw edge under to the fold 5/8″ and press
  4. And then stitch the hem in place close to the fold.

Tada! I have shown you how to convert a get the tunic trend without wasting your time by converting an existing sewing pattern. Now go out my friends and make yourself a couple for this winter season. And as a bonus for reading to the end, here are all the links to the items in my collage so you don’t have to go searching for them. Make sure to save these to your wishlist to let everyone know what you want this holiday season. If you need some more ideas check out My Top 4 Gift Ideas for Beginner Sewers

Reminder on How to Shop

Shopping for my recommended favorite items is easy! Just click the links through my site to shop!

What did you think of the article? Would you like more of these may be with videos for my visual learners? Comment below.

Until next time…

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