Image of a black and gold office with a pink chair and storage bins

How to Organize and Save Space in Your Sewing Room or Office

Hey Introverts, I know the first question on your mind is, “Where have you been?” I know it’s been literally two months since we last saw each other and I totally blame the move for that. We have lived in our old apartment for about 5 years and let me tell you the number of things we (clears throat) I have accumulated was beyond me. There weren’t any movers to pack everything so it was on us. Chris packed all his things away and I was left to pack mine which was about 85% of the apartment. He would say don’t lie it was more like 95% mine. This was the first time that we moved together as a couple instead of coming together to a home, so there was definitely a learning curve on this one.

I have 99% done with the room just waiting for a couple more art pieces to arrive, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to share the space with you. I will share an update once I have the remainder pieces come in. Hopefully, this will inspire you to do your own spring cleaning or rethink some ways you can save space in your office. Let me tell you this move definitely helped me purge some things and yet I still feel like I have so much more. I will say that I am happy with how it turned out. I was going for a look where it didn’t overwhelm me by seeing too many of my things so some stuff is concealed.

Without further ado here is the video tour of my new office. Don’t worry if there is anything that I think you’ll want for your office or sewing studio I made sure to take photos and provide links for you.

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Black gold and pink office themed sewing room with a pink office chair, mac computer and dress form.

I know it’s hard to freeze the frame on the video so I save a still image of the area for you. And yes the chair is not part of storage, but it is one that I have been asked about many times. Unfortunately, I got it from Ross so the odds of finding this chair again as slim so I did some digging and found a few alternatives below. I hope one of these will work for your office.

A close up of the Ikea Kallax door inserts and drawers installed in the Kallax shelving system.

Here is a close-up of the shelves. Keep in mind the doorknobs I purchased separately from home goods. They had a lot a few weeks ago when I found them, but if they don’t have any I saved a page on Amazon that has so many cute handles to choose from. If only I had enough doors, hehe. Here you go.

Ikea Draw Unit similar here // Kallax Shelving Units with doors here // Kallax insert with Doors here // Marble Box similar here

A close up of sewing room storage ideas including pink storage bins and a 5 drawer filing system from IKEA.

You guys may remember that a few years ago I took Ikea desk and resurfaced them with the marble film paper because there is no way I could afford a marble table. It’s holding up pretty well with the move. If you want to give it a go I made sure to add the link for you.

Desk here // Marble Vinyl Film Paper here // Wall Magazine Rack here or here // Pink Storage Bins here //

A view of an office with two doors and a cart on wheels with a green dress form.

This used to hold my purses, but now that I have more shelf space I’m using it for my patterns and Cricut material. It’s a great way to see everything that I have.

3-Tier Rolling Metal Storage Organizer – Cart with Caster Wheels similar here

A close up of a golden basket filled with color fabric.

I got the originals from Ross, but I had to go to 4 different ones to get four so I’m saving you gas and money by finding a similar style online. You can’t say I wasn’t thinking of you (wink wink).

Gold Baskets similar here

An image of a dress form and a cutting table in a office.

I got this one before Christmas last year and it is still one of my best investments for storage and saving space. You can read the review here or just go ahead and get yourself one for your sewing room. Trust me you will never regret this purchase.

Cutting table here

A close up of a apple computer on a desk surrounded by a black and gold lamp sonix UV + 03 sanitizer, keyboard and mouse.

The lap came from Ross and you still might luck out and find one. My only advice is to make sure you get energy-saving lightbulbs because they get really hot. The black box on the right of the computer is one of my best finds. It not only sanitizes your devices, keys, glasses, and more, but you can save space and charge your devices at the same time. There is a USB port on the inside. I despise seeing a lot of cords so when I found this one I had to get it. And the shelves you see on the wall do not require any extra tools so no screws, screwdriver, or drill. Just punch the needle size brackets into the drywall and slide the shelf on top of them to lock them in place. You won’t have to worry about a lot of holes in your wall if you rent.

Sonix Beyond UV + O3 Sanitizing Box in Black Croc here // HIGH & MIGHTY Modern 24″ Floating Shelf here

A view of a closet with a closet organizer and hats hanging on the wall.

Check out the side of it. This is the only one I have found so far where you can add clutches to the side of it. And it’s sturdy so it won’t lean to the side if you do so. You can use this organizer for extra fabric or close and purses you made like I did.

Closet organizer here

A black leather bin surrounded by a painting of a black woman with an afro and graffiti in her hair.

Finally, the black leather bin was gifted to me by a friend after my surgery in 2019, but I found a black bin with handles that looks equally as nice here.

Now that the office is clear I can at least focus on my sewing projects which I know you all are super excited about. I hope that these items help keep you organized so that you can focus on creating beautiful things. Let me know what you think of the office upgrade and if there was anything I missed that you are curious about just holla.

Until next time…

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