Planning for the Future

In 2019, I want to go into the year with the mindset of “Why Not” try. Too often we let Nah sayers including ourselves stop us from doing something courageous. We tell ourselves why should I even try when I will fail. We set ourselves up for failure before we even launch.

This year I decided “Why Not” start that Web Design company you wanted to start. I have been studying on and off all year and am so close to being done with my first course so “Why Not” finish and do something I’m passionate about.

A couple of years ago, I discovered Web Design by accident. I was taking a Marketing class at the Art Institute in Phoenix and fell in love with coding. I was surprised at myself as to how much I understood and liked it. After that, I left the Marketing course and switched to Web Design.

After realizing how expensive The Art Institute was I searched and found SkillCrush. A web design course created by women for women and I was sold. Now studying hasn’t been easy, but I appreciate the challenge.

I don’t consider this a resolution because I was studying before the end of the year, but I do like to finish what I start. Please stay tuned as I plan to launch that company in the next couple of months.

I know you’re like that’s great but what about sewing? To that, I answer “Why Not” plan to sew projects for 6 months at a time. “Why not” learn to draft my own patterns and catch up on Mimi G’s Sew It Academy?

What I discovered on WordPress is that I can share my calendar with you all so I have added patterns that I plan to sew for the next 6 months. Due to the fact that size can change in such a short amount of time, I don’t want to buy too much fabric or patterns and not be able to use them and have to completely draft new ones. Trying not to waste money is a goal as well.

For those who like a visual here are some of the items that I plan to make the first half of the year.


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