The Fastest/Simplest Way to Make a Bow Tie

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As some of you may know, sewing is a form of therapy that has really turned into a passion for me. When I get something right, it makes my week. And when I get something completely wrong it’s like the world has ended. That’s when the hubby avoids the sewing area at all cost, lol. Well, this is one that I got right.

For a couple of years now my father asked me to make him some bow ties. He was the first on my list of many who have asked for me to make them something the minute they found out I could sew. To be honest, I was scared to make anyone anything because I didn’t feel my sewing skills were up to par. I would laugh it off and say yeah I’d make you something, but just add them to the list of people who wanted something from me. (I do honor my promises, just working on my confidence with sewing)

It can be intimidating to make something when you feel you will be immediately judged on the quality of your work. This year I decided to not let that hang up stop me. I went to Joann Fabric and found this royal blue silk fabric and purchased some lightweight interfacing about half a yard of each and had gotten an old bow time from my dad the week before. I think he didn’t think I would make it so soon, but I was determined.

It didn’t take a lot to make it and you could easily do this with an old bow tie that you get from Goodwill or a family member. Here’s a list of the products used:

And here’s what I did to get the end result:

  1. Have the person who’s going to wear the bow tie adjust it for their measurements. (My dad has worn bow ties before so he knew how long he wanted it)
  2. Use tracing paper or medical paper like I used HERE to trace around the bow tie.IMG_4721
  3. With a ruler add 1/2 inch seam allowance around the entire pattern and that will be the new cutting line.
  4. After you cut out the pattern, place it on the fabric of your choice (Silk bow ties look really good, just FYI) and cut out two of that piece.
  5. Next, place the pattern on interfacing and cut out 1 with the adhesive side facing down and one with the adhesive side facing up.
  6. Next using a pressing cloth or an old cotton napkin (I used these growing up and they work like a charm) iron the wrong side of the fabric to the adhesive side of the interfacing. ** Make sure you do not slide the iron, but lift up and move it down the bow tie to keep everything aligned**
  7. Afterward, pin or clip the two pieces together with right sides facing. IMG_4722
  8. Stitch them together with 1/2 seam allowance pivoting at the corners.
  9. Go all the way around and leave about 1″ open to turn the fabric.
  10. Trim the fabric and clip the curves (slits for concave and triangles for convex) This will allow the fabric to stretch with you and give the bow tie a smoother curve.
  11. Turn the fabric inside out starting at one side and then moving to the other. IMG_4724BE PATIENT this part takes some time because you are putting bulky fabric through a small opening.
  12. Once you’ve turned the fabric push out the ends as far as you can. I found that rubbing the edges together helped to see the seam and then from there press the fabric.
  13. After you are done pressing make sure the opening seam allowance is turned in and then slip stitch (hand stitch) it closed.

This is a quick and easy project that you can do for any special occasion or just because. Now that I have made this for my dad I will be able to start making things for my husband. He was next on my list of people to make things for. I’ll make sure to keep you updated on those makes.

Please feel free to share your bow ties makes using this tutorial and repost this post if you found it helpful.

Until next time…

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