Some People are Influencers – Are you?

Someone called me an influencer the other day and I was so offended. I don’t know why I felt so insulted by that so it got me thinking. What is an influencer to me? Social media portrays them to be someone who just suggests products from brands all day. They have luxurious lifestyles and make us wish we had what they did. Does any of this sound familiar? I honestly don’t have any of that, but I see myself as blessed in my own way. I have a car that functions, a roof over my head, a dog for emotional comfort, a husband who’s a partner and friend to weather this crazy world, and a hobby that I am a fanatic about.

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Each of us can look up and see that we have something that we are grateful for. “So what does this have to do with influence?” You ask. Well, I did some more digging into the topic and came across this article where Christina Calph, an actress who has worked with Eddy Murphy and Ben Stiller was being interviewed (side note they are two of my favorite actors). One of the main things that stood out to me about her interview was that she said, “…everybody is an influencer, even if they have 10 followers. So I feel like we’re all influencing each other in a way.” Now that made sense to me. I am proud to have each and every one of you follow my blog and read it.

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I get gitty inside when I see that I have a new comment or follower because I’ve found another person who shares my passion for slow fashion and learning to sew. If I encourage just one person to pick up this hobby and find joy in it then I feel accomplished. By Ms. Calph’s definition that makes me an influencer. If you pick up a sewing pattern I’ve reviewed because you liked how mine turned out. Then in that aspect, I have had some influence over you. Now think about your own life. How have you influenced someone? Did you suggest a restaurant for a friend to try? How about a new gadget?

Influencer is not a bad word anymore when you think of it like that. According to this article I read on Financial Express, the influencer industry will continue to grow in 2022. Specifically, micro and macro influencers, which are people like you and me. That makes sense because we are more likely to trust someone who isn’t a celebrity. Do you agree? I guess you must since you have been following my blog. You have put your faith in me doing the work and giving you honest reviews of sewing patterns and tools that I try. You’ve shared my posts and now you feel comfortable enough to comment on those posts. Your comments have been an encouragement for me to keep going. So like Ms. Calph said we have influenced each other.

I just want to say thank you and that I appreciate each and every one of you who has been there with me for the last five years. We have gone from a couple of blog posts a year to a few a month. From crazy health scares to trying an organic vegan lifestyle to getting through a pandemic. We started with just one follower and have grown by hundreds. That is what being an influencer is all about. Finding your people and just being comfortable expressing who you are. Who knows maybe this post will encourage you to start your own blog. How does this change your thoughts on influencer marketing?

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  • mackthemaverick

    It is interesting that the term “influencer” has gained such a negative connotation. I think it’s because the real big non-celebrity influencers have been stereotyped as aloof, arrogant, and out of touch with the world. I think the growth of micro and nano influencers will make the concept more relatable. I think we should all be compelled to influence one another to be the best versions of ourselves, even if it’s silently moving about the world in a positive way.

  • Anitra

    The term influencer definitely has some negative thoughts associated with it, and I personally don’t consider myself and influencer. I consider myself a content creator

  • Jasmyn

    I was the same way when someone called me an influencer for the first time! I never thought of myself as an influencer but more of a blogger! But the longer I have been in the blogging game, I’m starting to realize that I do have some level of influence because some people like what I have to say and want to know my recommendations for some things! So isn’t a bad thing like you like said! Thanks for sharing!

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