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Hey Introvert, my name is Ashley Strickland-Horne. By day, I run a Virtual Assistant Business and at night I am a sewing machine. I began sewing when I was in high school and made my first pair of PJs. Ironic that now I get to work in them. Sewing is a love of mine but I was such a busy body. There was no time to keep up with it after I finished my first sewing class.

Then, there was college where I continued my love for sewing. I double-majored in Theater and Spanish, graduated, and then got a 9 to 5. After 6 years of being told what to do from breaks to meals, I had enough. Call it the Leo in me or free spirit. I just say I knew what I didn’t want and was on the verge of figuring out what I did. I started my career as a Virtual Assistant CEO helping small companies grow. That allows me to have more flexibility to be at home and sew.

Fast Forward to now…

While fighting depression, sewing helps me disregard the mess that I thought had gone wrong in my life. It makes me feel great when I see my finished garment. My hope is that this blog would inspire you to sew or do anything you used to love to do. I am a true believer in self-care. For me, the clothes I make look great, but it’s the euphoria I feel making them that more important.

What is an Introvert Stylist? A lifestyle where you’re screaming to be heard from the inside, but can’t find the words. So you let the clothes you make, buy, and own speak for you. 

To help introverts who are passed upon opportunities because they are not seen as team players. Introvert Stylist is for those that don’t engage in small talk. They are often dismissed as not interested in leadership roles. My blog is a safe place where they can learn to sew statement pieces that spark conversation. Those pieces let others into their world to learn what their aspirations are. This is how we open the doors for introverts.

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